Prodigium & Partners at Law vs the Commonwealth of Redmont [Case No. 01-2021-16]

IN THE COURT OF DEMOCRACYCRAFT CIVIL ACTION Prodigium & Partners at Law v. Commonwealth of Redmont COMPLAINT Hello, your honor, Today I, Matthew100x, head of the constitutional division of Prodigium at Law, is...

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CrackedAmoeba1 VS Amazon

I, CrackedAmoeba1, am requesting $2,000 compensation from Amazon and the removal of the Wither under the Amazon building being used for advertisement and plot naming. This Wither is causing large amounts of lag in...

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Executive Order 01/21 - Establish a Press Advisor

I hereby order the creation of a new General Advisor Position, the Press Advisor. The Press Advisor is an expert in the field of journalism and public relations, serving as the formal spokesperson and media liaison...

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SOTG Report - DECEMBER 2020

STATE OF THE GOVERNMENT - DECEMBER REPORT The purpose of the State of the Government Reports is to increase Cabinet transparency and provide an insight into the happenings on the Government. This information is...

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Appropriations January 2021

A BILL To Government Appropriations 1 - Notes (1)This is by no means an exhaustive list of all expenses, as salaries are impossible to track with our current plugin. Commissions are included. (2)All government...

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