Hello. As I was in the university going through the professional classes. A girl names HollowJune assaulted me with a stone axe. As in self defense I hit back. After she hit me her friend attacked me and killed me...

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ElementPenguin; Hamilton Law v. The State

IN THE COURT OF DEMOCRACYCRAFT CIVIL ACTION ElementPenguin; Hamilton Law, Plaintiff v. The State Defendant COMPLAINT The Plaintiff complains against the Defendant as follows: I. PARTIES 1. ElementPenguin...

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Case No. 10-2020-13 - Appeal Request

- Client Name: Partypig678 - Counsel Name: Milkcrack - Were you originally the plaintiff or the defendant: I was co-counselling the original case. - Reason for the Appeal: Partypig678 did not get a chance to a fair...

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