Guide Medicare


Citizens of DemocracyCraft are privileged to have access to a high class healthcare system. Medicare is a Government scheme funded by taxpayers to provide a premium standard healthcare to everyone and anyone who decide to take a small exam to qualify.

What is covered
- All disease related treatments

What is not covered
- Pharmacy goods
- Ambulance rides


Each time you are treated (excluding pharmacy goods) by a Government doctor in the Hospital, instead of paying through your own balance via /pay you are entitled to be covered by using Medicare. Instead of running /pay, you run /medicarepay and provide the doctor username and amount for treatment. This way, your treatment is covered by the Government and alleviates medical expenses that you may have.

To obtain Medicare, go to the Government Hospital and click the Exam sign for Medicare in the front reception. This is a 5 question short test that will make sure you know how the system works.

/medicarepay username amount - Pay the doctor for a treatment

Replace 'username' with the username of the Doctor who has treated you and 'amount' with the amount requested by the Doctor for the treatment. The Doctor as per usual will always ask that you pay before you receive the treatment

Abuse of this command will result in warnings, fines and possible termination of your medicare depending on discretion from the Department of Health